How to Save Money?

How to Save Money?
How to Save Money?

One of the most important steps to earn money; is to save money. A good entrepreneur is also a person who can manage his money well and knows how to save money by thinking about his future investments and goals as well as making money.

Saving money; It is possible with a strict internal discipline, self-control and at the same time a well-made budget planning. Once you meet these requirements, you start saving money.

Save money for education
Save money for education

Why is Saving Money Important?

Very simple; to achieve your dreams. If you are wondering how to get rich, you should start saving money, which is the first rule.

* To get a good education, because a good education means a good future.

* To buy a house, which is the first wish of every person today to live more comfortably.

* To buy a car, this gives us a more comfortable, more peaceful transportation opportunity and saves time.

* To start a business, to get the capital to build the startup we want.

* To live a healthier life, to have better health, housing, education and living opportunities, to provide better opportunities for your family and loved ones.

* Our self-confidence increases, we feel stronger financially, our psychology improves.

If you look carefully at the biggest features of rich people; You will see that they not only know how to make money, but also how to increase their money with the best investment tools and at the same time save money by making a good budget.

Money does not only increase by earning, but you also need to know how to spend it and how not to spend it.

Best ways to save money
Best ways to save money

How to Save Money? 17 Money saving tips

1- By not spending money

This is where the trouble starts for many people: spending money because they can’t control themselves. As soon as you do this, you lose all over again. Of course, it is important to live life well, but if you want to live more beautifully, you need to cut some of your expenses already. You should know how to walk away thinking about your future goal, no matter how much something you like is on sale.

2- Paying your bills on time

If you pay your bills on time, without delay, you will not have to pay late fees and the extra money you will pay over the years will remain in your pocket, so you can save more money.

Cut Junk Foods
Cut Junk Foods

3- Cutting the junk food expenses

Eat healthy and cut out the unnecessary junk food you buy. You will have a healthier life in a cheaper way and you will not pay for things that harm you. The money you give to junk food can amount to a minimum of 1000 currency units in total annually. Moreover, the doctor, hospital and medicine expenses that you will have to pay due to the damages it will cause you in the future will remain in your pocket. You will have a longer life and you will profit not only from money but also from your life.

4- Reduce or cut out tea, coffee, drinking and snacking outside

Being social, going to cafes, pubs, bars, meeting with our friends is a necessity, of course, but reducing or cutting these outside meetings allows us to save money and save more money. Instead of meeting your friends outside, you may prefer to go home, so you will be socialized for less than the money you will spend outside.


5- Buy gold, invest in foreign currency

One of the best ways to save money is to buy gold, which is one of the best investment tools, or buy euro, pound, dollar according to the market situation and evaluate the money. When you buy foreign currency or gold, you are also lazy or reluctant to change it, this allows you to keep your money in your hands, in other words, to save. If you bought gold or foreign currency from the bank and it is not a problem for you, you can deposit them at your bank at interest and add money to your money. These types of investments are long-term investments. You can set goals for yourself to stabilize your motivation. For example; Like “I will save 100 grams of gold” in the first place…

6- Open a Time Deposit Account

One of the ways to save money is to save it by earning interest in a time deposit account. If you’re going to do this, invest your money in monthly interest so that when each interest period ends, you’ll add the money you’ve saved in the interim and open a time deposit account with more money for the next month. You will save more money and your interest income will increase exponentially.

7- Reduce your phone costs

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to live without a cell phone, but making some restrictions on your personal phone line will keep you more money in your pocket if you calculate annually. First of all, it is more advantageous to switch to the prepaid line and know your account.

Save Money for your dreams
Save Money for your dreams

8- Earn while buying 

Reduce your unnecessary bills and expenses. One of the most important rules of making and saving money is to earn while buying. Is channel subscription really vital to you? You can also watch the match on TV. Can’t live without those shoes, tops or bags? For walking distances up to half an hour, you can choose to walk instead of driving, and you will also be doing sports. Make sure to follow the discounts in your grocery shopping and in these discounts, especially detergent, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, towel paper, etc. with a long expiry date. Look for wholesale products such as cleaning supplies and stationery. If it is not far from you, try to buy your fruit and vegetable shopping from the market, and you will buy it healthier. In this way, you will both make more affordable shopping and avoid the price hikes that may come in the near future. You have more money left over for you to save in the long run.

Cheap Vacation
Cheap Vacation – Cheap Tickets – Cheap Accomodation

9- Plan a cheap vacation 

Instead of staying at a hotel, you can stay in cheap hostels, apart hotels, motels and hostels.

10. Save 10% of your earnings

Whatever happens, cut 10% of every money you get to save money and never touch that money. This rule is the golden rule of saving money, all rich people know and apply it.

Save money with Piggy Bank
Save money with Piggy Bank

11. Get a piggy bank

But wait until it’s full. If you want advice, get a big piggy bank such as a jug box or a giant piggy bank, not a small piggy bank. Even if you want to make a profit from the money in the piggy bank and save that money, you can also turn a large plastic bottle or a packaging such as a glass jar or yogurt container into a piggy bank. On it, you can write the minimum amount you want to save, the important point here is to be determined and never open the piggy bank until it is full. Filling a piggy bank like this is also fun, even if you think you’re saving a cube of gold, maybe you can save money more enthusiastically, and when those coins grow over time, there may actually be a cube of gold in the future, who knows…

* Buying a piggy bank in the form of a house if you are going to save money for a house, or in the form of a car if you are saving for a car can further increase your motivation to save money.

Life coaching for success
Life coaching for success

12. To protect money

It’s not just about earning and saving money, it’s about not spending the money you save right away, but keeping the money. This requires willpower alongside your goal. If you say “I can’t save money”, it’s because you don’t have a goal you really believe in and you don’t have the confidence and belief that you will achieve that goal. So first of all, it is necessary to go deep and solve the problem, if any, so that you can be successful in this way. You can take NLP or Life Coaching sessions for this. Life Coaches allow you to discover yourself, gain self-confidence and move forward on your own path. Your will becomes stronger because you have now determined what you want and how to move forward with what you want. In this way, saving money becomes something you can focus on and calmly move towards your goal.

Nevermind the gossips focus on your goal
Nevermind the gossips focus on your goal

13. Do not care about the judgments of others

You don’t have to spend money unnecessarily to get the approval of others. At the end of the day, you are alone with yourself or your family. You meet your needs, not them. Some people actually talk and judge because of their own dissatisfaction and unhappiness, so don’t care too much about them. If they were truly satisfied and happy, they would enjoy the moment instead of dealing with others. If instead they started observing and judging their surroundings, it’s because of what they’ve been running from in their own lives and couldn’t face. Also, try to stay away from people who are constantly judging and belittle you, how likely is it that socializing with such people will actually bring you happiness? True friends are those who even share and support the development of their friends. Likewise, you should show your friendship to your friends in this way. Sometimes saving friends can be more valuable than saving money. Sometimes a friend can open the door to more money for you when you least expect it.

14. Gradually accumulating money

If the amount of money you want to reach is large, it is best to divide the money you save into smaller goals that you think are comfortable to reach, in order not to be intimidated and to ensure that your goal is in harmony with your consciousness.

15. Saving money to buy a car

First of all, you have to choose the model of the car you are going to buy. For example, your dream is to buy a latest model BMW, but you do not even have money to buy a second-hand old and low model car, it would be logical to think rationally here. I have a friend and now I will tell you about his method of buying a car, his name is George.

Save money to buy a car
Save money to buy a car

First, George buys himself a low-end, second-hand motorcycle. He uses it for a while, while continuing to save money. After a while he sells it and buys a slightly higher model but still second hand motorcycle, while still saving money. Then he sells that motorcycle, adds the money he has saved, takes a loan on that money and buys an average model but zero km motorcycle. During that time, George joins motorcycle clubs and makes friends there. Zero kilometers taken. he sells the bike to one of the club members so he has a lump sum of money. Continuing to save money, George repeats the same method several times and later buys himself a used car. He applies the same method he used when buying and selling motorcycles, this time when buying and selling cars, and finally he buys the latest model BMW car he wants.

save money to buy a house
Save money to buy a house

16. Saving money to buy a house

Buying a house is one of the big goals that will both meet our need for shelter and make us feel more economically secure. Of course, if your credit ratings are sufficient, you can buy a house with mortgage loans and make monthly payments to the bank instead of saving money, but since our topic is “How to save money”, we will give information about buying a house by saving money.

How to save money to buy a house? If you are one of those who ask, we recommend you to use the “Saving money to buy a car” method in the above article, so that you can raise capital first. After raising a certain capital, we recommend that you buy a house that is much more affordable but requires renovation instead of your dream house. Thus, you can save money again over time, complete the renovation of that house and sell it, and you can make a profit and reach more capital. Of course, taking out a loan is among your options while doing home renovations, but if you are a beginner in this regard, that is, if you have not done at least 5-10 home renovations, making a home renovation by taking a loan can do you more harm than profit. That’s why it’s best to proceed cautiously at first.

Business ideas for make more money
Business ideas for make more money

17. The best way to save more money is to make more money

Be an entrepreneur. The way to reach your goals as soon as possible by saving money is to increase your income. To increase the money you earn, you can research different ways of making money and start applying the ones that suit yourself. We recommend that you turn to businesses that do not require a large investment in the beginning, you should not take the capital you have to big risks. Also, don’t get stressed and rushed, keep your calm and move towards your goal in a controlled manner. The best way to do this is to get the right information and absorb it.

If there are different ways of saving money that you know and would like to add to the topic, we would be very happy if you would share with us by writing in the comment section below.

Good days and success for those who want to save money…

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