How To Earn Money From YouTube?

How To Earn Money From YouTube
Digital Business İdeas: How To Earn Money From YouTube?

Among the methods of “How to make money online?“, a well-known job that everyone knows today is to be a YouTuber and make money by producing content. So, “How to earn money from YouTube?” and “How to make money from YouTube ads?” There are some conditions that you must meet in order to earn money by producing content on YouTube. In this article, we will answer this question ‘How to activate YouTube monetization?’ and we will examine ways to earn money together.

What is YouTuber?

With an unlimited variety of content on every imaginable subject, YouTube has created a profession for those who produce and publish this content on the platform; YouTuber. Thousands of content producers from all over the world create a source of income for themselves by producing content related to the fields they are interested in on their YouTube channels.


How to become a YouTuber?

So, what conditions do YouTube content producers start to make money if they meet? As a successful content producer, what needs to be done to earn income on YouTube? There are some conditions YouTube expects you to meet in this regard. We have prepared a detailed article for those who want to log in to YouTube and wonder about all these conditions.

Terms of activating YouTube monetization 

* Your channel has reached at least 4000 hours of total watch time in the last 12 months.

* Have at least 1000 subscribers.

* Comply with all YouTube monetization policies.

* Have a linked AdSense account.

Once these four conditions are met, you can start the process by applying to the YouTube Partner Program, which allows content producers to generate revenue from YouTube. After completing your application, your channel and content will be reviewed, and if your channel is found to comply with both YouTube monetization policies and YouTube Community Guidelines, you will start making money from YouTube.

The most basic way to meet these conditions is to produce quality content. If you produce interesting content that appeals to your target audience and create your own audience by ensuring continuity, there will be no obstacle in front of you to be included in the YouTube Partner Program.

Make money from YouTube
Make money from YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube?


1- Is Your Channel Ready to Monetize?

In order for your channel to be ready to monetize and for you to be included in the YouTube Partner Program, there are some conditions that you must comply with, apart from the number of subscribers and watch time. First of all, your content must comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines. If you think that your content complies with all of these rules, you can apply after creating your AdSense account linked to your channel and start waiting for the result. To create your AdSense account, click here to follow the necessary steps to join Google AdSense.

After the application, a response is usually made within a month, and if it is found appropriate, you start making money from your channel. But of course, the opposite is also possible; Even if you believe you meet all the conditions, YouTube may not include your channel in the Partner Program after reviews. In this case, you can apply again 30 days after the rejection. Of course, you should review your content in this process.

Monetization of Ads – Part 1

There are many different ad formats on YouTube and you will start making money with these ads. Knowing all the ad formats available on YouTube will help you manage your income source. The duration of your videos is also an important detail in this sense, because if you upload videos longer than 10 minutes, you can start showing ads in the middle of your video.

However, if you make your videos poor in terms of content just to prolong the duration, this will have negative consequences for your channel. Do not forget that what allows you to earn this income is that the audience prefers you, and your priority should always be to protect your audience with quality content. In this way, you will be a resource preferred by advertisers and you will have the chance to create an ever-growing audience.

Making Money From Ads – Part 2

Although the number of subscribers and watch time may seem like the most important part of the YouTube monetization system, these are actually the easiest steps to take. Your content is what will make you stand out and get you ads constantly. YouTube has a very sensitive policy in this regard and does not give a chance to channels that constantly repeat themselves, that are not original, that contain profanity and violence. Such content will not only prevent you from receiving advertisements, and your channel may be removed from the Partner Program in case of repeated violations.

For this reason, you should first make sure what kind of content you want to produce. In addition, besides making plans for your target audience, you should try to make your content more suitable for advertising by asking yourself the question “Why should advertisers show their ads on my content?” This will also direct you to produce content within the Community Guidelines.

Making Money By Selling Products
Making Money By Selling Products on YouTube


Make Money with Super Chats and Super Stickers

Super Chats and Super Stickers are two new YouTube features. This feature, which is only available for live broadcasts and Premieres, allows content producers to monetize with a system similar to fundraising for broadcasters’ broadcasts. Viewers donate by highlighting the message they want for as long as they want during the broadcast or the Premiere. Thanks to this feature, content producers can earn income on YouTube apart from advertisements.

Making Money By Selling Products

YouTube monetization rates are tied to how you manage your content and channel, and what terms you can and do not consider well. In this context, you should always consider creating monetization alternatives other than ad revenue. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is to design fun and useful products that will appeal to the audience following your channel and offer them for sale through your YouTube videos.

Examples of products include make-up items, t-shirts and clothes, bags you designed yourself, do-it-yourself products, handcrafted wooden products, even a book or ebook you wrote, design mugs. You can sell different products or even offer unique products for sale, it’s entirely up to you!

The sale of many products that represent the bond between you and your YouTube subscribers and refer to your content will be a great source of income for you. For this, first of all, of course, you should make sure that you have a wide audience; You should offer quality products with creative designs. In this way, you not only create a tighter bond between you and your audience, but also create a different source of income other than advertising revenues. You can also use your own channel to advertise your products; You can achieve high sales figures. However, you should make sure that you share the necessary details about your products with your audience.

Musician YouTuber
Musician YouTuber

Take Your Music Career Further with YouTube

YouTube is a very effective platform for musicians as well as content producers to reach audiences. Anyone who produces music can share their songs with their listeners via YouTube channels; At the same time, YouTube also enables musicians to know their audience better with the data it provides.

Musicians can make referrals by using cards that support ticket sales on YouTube, and easily share information about their events directly with their audience. At the same time, YouTube allows musicians to make alternative performance videos thanks to the video format it offers. The live broadcast feature can also be very useful for musicians in this sense.

Musicians accepted into the YouTube Partner Program can also monetize YouTube with ads and YouTube Premium.


Monetization with Channel Memberships

Content producers who have at least 30,000 subscribers and are included in the YouTube Partner Program can generate revenue by activating the “Memberships” feature on their channels. This figure is set as 1,000 for game channels. Viewers, who become members of the channel by paying a certain fee, benefit from privileges such as early access to videos, broadcasts exclusive to members, and also support the content producer they follow fondly.

Especially after gaining a certain audience, by activating this feature, it is possible to obtain a fixed and effective income source as well as YouTube advertising income.

Business on YouTube
Business on YouTube

Starting a Business on YouTube

Content producers on YouTube may decide to turn into an official commercial organization to increase their activities and sources of income. In this case, YouTube, just like a brand’s physical store, turns into a medium where the content producer markets their products and content, develops and grows their target audience. Channels that continue to generate revenue from all channels such as advertisements, brand deals, product sales, but also now become advertisers in order to grow their own business and advertise to reach more people.

In the long run, this leads to the emergence of content producers who are active not only on YouTube but also on all social media and have a larger revenue chain. However, there are many points to consider when deciding to start and grow your business, first of all, this is not the same as just producing content.

You should definitely create a plan of your business, determine the products you will offer well (here, what is mentioned as a product is everything the content producer will offer.), review your working situation with business partners or sponsors, evaluate what kind of resources you will need to use, and consider the situation of building a team and your financial resources. You must take steps to manage it.

MakeUp YouTubers
MakeUp YouTubers

Brand Agreements

One of the biggest sources of income for YouTube content producers is brand deals. At this point, there is no limit on the number of subscribers or watch time in order to earn income by making deals with brands. You can earn income by making agreements with brands at all levels, depending on the strength of the communication between you and the audience you are addressing and the quality of your content.

In this way, different concepts will emerge for your new content, and you will establish a stronger communication with your audience. However, another important point here is that one should be very careful when dealing with brands; You should not make agreements that will harm the bond between you and your audience. You always have the right to say no to brands that prevent you from being transparent or ask you to promote a product that you do not trust or believe in quality.

YouTube will always continue to need quality creators and content

The idea of making money by producing content on a subject you are passionate about is very attractive. Remember, no matter how much content was produced on the subject you want to produce content about before you, none of them were prepared by you and with your perspective. Increase your self-confidence by always reminding yourself of this and take a step towards realizing your dream with the goal of providing quality content. We wish you success in this journey you are planning to embark on.

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