What is NLP?

what is nlp
What's NLP?

What is NLP?

NLP was first developed by Gestalt therapy expert and Mathematician Dr. It has emerged as a result of the joint work of Richard Bandler and Linguistics Professor John Grinder in California.

NLP is the abbreviation of the English language Neuro Linguistic Programme.

What does NLP do?

NLP is a thought and behavior modeling study, it explores ways to be better, more successful and happier in every aspect of our lives and presents them as techniques.

NLP is one of the important tools for personal-development .

NLP basically; “Why is one of two people who are experts or skilled in the same field more successful than the other?” and examines in detail the thinking styles, behaviors, beliefs, coping and motivation methods of the people who are the most successful in their own fields such as art, sports, politics, science, and the business world, and makes inferences. That is, the main purpose of NLP is to copy and apply the most effective thought and behavior patterns that can be applied to be happier and more successful.

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What is NLP?

How is NLP done and applied?

NLP is done by changing our own thoughts, habits and behavior patterns and replacing them with the thoughts and behaviors of successful people and applying them to our lives. In other words, it is reprogramming our own mind, way of thinking and behavior. As our thinking and behavior change, our speech structure also begins to change. The use of language and positive thinking, using positive words and sentences have a very important place in NLP. Everything; it starts with believing that you can do it first and feeling that you have done it and succeeded.

In NLP, in every area of ​​your life, where you see yourself, what you feel, what you think, your point of view are important. Because negative thought patterns cause you not to try and give up in the first place, it is not possible to naturally progress and achieve success.

Benefits of NLP

In behavior modeling in NLP, the thought, behavior and speech patterns of the person taken as an example are examined and analyzed in detail.

Our perception, our view of events and our words change our lives. The reason why people treat each person differently is that each of the people in front of them are people with different mindsets, behaving and speaking differently. If you choose to be a different person, people will perceive you differently, and they will act according to you, the person you choose and copy and apply.

NLP is the way to make the most of past experience and successful examples.

Do you want to be a wealthy business person? If you take a wealthy business person as an example, research his life in detail, start thinking like him, dress like him, act like him, apply his business tactics, start talking like him, that is, you will copy and imitate every feature that makes him successful. And if you apply it to your life, you can become rich like that person. Because that rich person has achieved this with his existing features, if you copy and apply the same features to yourself, you can succeed too.

That is, you become whoever you choose to be and you live a life accordingly.

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