Quotes about Knowledge

Quotes about knowledge
Quotes about knowledge

Follow the one who knows what he knows,

Warn those who don’t know what they know,

Teach those who know what they don’t know,

Avoid those who don’t know what they don’t know.


Quote about knowledge Benjamin Disraeli
Quotes about knowledge – Benjamin Disraeli

* Knowledge is my capital, science is my weapon, patience is my garment, contentment is my highest gain. Seneca

* Information, not a sea border. Information expressed Sense is a diver plunging into the sea. Mevlana

* Where there is knowledge, there are those who know, where there is reason, there are those who think. Yusuf Has Hacip

* The less a man knows, the more he thinks he knows. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

* Knowledge raises the below, ignorance lowers the above. Hz. Ali (R.A.)

* Actual information; It is knowledge learned by doing and trying. Descartes

*  The one who has knowledge becomes strong. Ferdowsi

Two things rule the world. One is a sword, the other is thought. The sword eventually succumbs to thought.


* Knowledge is power. Francis Bacon

* Knowledge gives courage, ignorance arrogance. Miguel de Cervantes

*  Don’t tell everything you know; but know everything you say. Matrel Lenoir

* We are free to the extent that we are knowledgeable. Socrates

Are those who know and those who do not know one?

(Surah Zumer, Verse 9.)

* To know, to see ahead; To see ahead is to be strong. Auguste Comte

* To know something well, it is necessary to know the details, since this is almost endless, our knowledge is always superficial and incomplete. François de La Rochefaucauld

immanuel kant quote about knowledge
Quotes about knowledge – Immanuel Kant

Shall I teach you how to know something?

Know what you know when you know, understand what you don’t know when you don’t know.


* Knowledge is the source of good writing. Horatius

* As our knowledge progresses in the void of mystery and fear, one step is the torch that illuminates our way. George Santayana

* It is best to know that you do not know. It is a dangerous disease to think that you know when you do not know. Lao Tzu

* Knowledge is like a light. If you use it gets brighter, do not use goes. A. Everett

* Three cornerstones of knowledge: Seeing a lot, suffering a lot, and working hard. Catherine

* To be a master of knowledge, it is necessary to be a servant of work. Honore de Balzac

I am different from other people because I know that I do not know. Socrates

* What is least known is most believed. Montaigne

* The more you know, the sadder you will be. Lao Tzu

* He who knows a lot is very wrong. moliere

* The existence of man is surrounded by secrets. Our narrow knowledge and experience is just a small island in boundless seas. John Stuart Mill

* Knowledge is superior to worship. Hz. Mohammed (S.A.V.)

* Scholars on earth are like stars in the sky. Hz. Mohammed (S.A.V.)

* Knowledge is not measured by the beard. Moliere

* Knowledge is a treasure that increases when shared. Bhartrihari

* Honesty without knowledge is weak and useless, dishonest knowledge is dangerous and terrible. Samuel Johnson

* Where there is no knowledge, ignorance becomes knowledge. George Bernard Shaw

* The real knowledge lies in recognizing the limits of one’s ignorance. Confucius

* There is only one good, knowledge; And there is only one evil, ignorance. Socrates

Quote about knowledge ATATURK
Quotes about knowledge – ATATURK

* Our true mentor in life is science. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Science is knowledge

Science is knowing yourself.

If you don’t know yourself

This is nice reading.

Yunus Emre

* The knowledge you acquire should not resemble your clothes, and should not flow while you are washing. El Buruni

* The dead do not take their power and knowledge with them, they add it to the living. Native American Proverb

* Put on wings of knowledge, to fly to heaven. William Shakespeare

* All I know is that I know nothing. Socrates

* Reason and knowledge have three great enemies: Evil, ignorance and laziness. Haeckel

* We cannot know anything, truth can only be found in the depth of truth. Democritus

* I am not someone who was born with knowledge. I love to teach and I try to learn. Confucius

We need to be more respectful in the face of the infinite power of nature, and recognize our ignorance and inadequacy.


Quote about knowledge William Basse
Quotes about knowledge – William Basse

Being successful is not a matter of luck, it is purely a matter of knowledge. William Basse

Quotes About Knowledge

* We don’t know a millionth of a percent of anything. Thomas Edison

* Knowledge makes the big man humble, surprises the normal man, and makes the little man arrogant. Brigitte Labbe

* Information is of two kinds; knowing a subject, knowing where to learn that subject. Samuel Johnson

* Not what we know, but what we think is right gets us in trouble. Abraham Lincoln

Dont forget; What mankind has learned over the centuries is no more than a grain of sand on an infinitely long beach.


* Nature has given us the seeds of knowledge, not knowledge itself. Seneca

* Everything worth existing is also worth knowing; Because knowledge is a symbol of existence, good and bad can be found in it at the same time. Francis Bacon

* Follow those who know what they know, warn those who do not know what they know, teach those who know what they do not know, Avoid those who do not know that they do not know. Confucius

* Money is what accelerates industrial society; but it is knowledge that accelerates and strengthens the knowledge society, now a new class division has emerged as those who have knowledge and those who do not. This new class draws its strength only from knowledge, not from money or possessions. John Kenneth Galbraith

One thing is certain: Doubting the veracity of something.

To doubt is to think.

To think is to exist.

If so, it is certain that I exist.

I think, therefore I am.

My first knowledge, this is solid knowledge.

Now, I can deduce all other information from this information.

René Descartes

* One key to wisdom; is to constantly ask questions. Doubtfully, we begin an investigation. By doing research, we find the truth. Peter Abelard

* Experience is the mother of knowledge. Cervantes

* Without knowledge, you can’t have an idea. Ugur Mumcu

* Information that is not used is like a treasure that is not spent and does not benefit anyone. Hz. Mohammed (SAV.)

* If a man does not have the virtue to keep his knowledge, whatever he gains, in the end he loses everything. Confucius

* How strange it is how much we have to know in order to realize how little we know. Benjamin Disraeli

* Never think that you know everything, even though you are very knowledgeable, you should always have the courage to say to yourself that I am ignorant. Ivan Pavlov

* The source of fear is ignorance. Ralph Waldo Emerson

* I am still learning. Michelangelo

* Among all the information, the most useful is the one that gives us the most accurate ideas about our nafs and teaches us to manage ourselves. Janes Howell

* The two objects are the greatest, knowledge and gentleness. With knowledge the right path appears, with gentleness people are endured. Haci Bektas-i Veli

To achieve great things

Knowledge and courage are required.


* A bigot’s head is like the pupil of the eye, the brighter it gets, the smaller it gets. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

* It is worse to be ignorant than one’s ignorance. Saint Jerome

* The rose does not grow in the bush, words are not enough for the ignorant. Proverb

* To live is to make a man of himself. It is to make your own sculpture from flesh and bone using intelligence and knowledge. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

* Let’s plant the tree of knowledge when we are young so that when we are old, we have a place to shelter in its shade. Lord Chesterfield

* Look for information even in China, go get it. Hz. Mohammed (S.A.V.)

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