How can I make money?


How can I make money
How can I make money

One of the most frequently written and searched sentences in search engines on the internet lately is: How can I make money? That’s why we wanted to give information to those who are looking for this subject about ways to make money as a side job or main business idea. But beforehand, we would like to point out this: It will be in your best interest to make an effort and effort for our suggestions, to be disciplined, calm and patient, and to progress steadily towards your goal. Otherwise, the business ideas we will offer may not achieve their purpose or create the effect you want.

How Can I Make Money?

Congratulations, first of all, you’ve taken the initial step and ended up on this page while researching how to make money. I assume that you have access to an internet connection and a device such as a phone, computer, tablet, or laptop, which is a great start!

I’m sure you’ve read a lot about making money on various websites. In this article, you’ll find some suggestions that may be similar to what you’ve come across before, and some may be different. The choice of which ones to use and how to achieve results is entirely up to your preferences.

Stay calm, stay composed!

You might be feeling at a breaking point right now, as if circumstances have cornered you, or you might find yourself in stressful environments, etc. It’s possible. But my first piece of advice to you is: Take a deep breath, then another, and another, and continue doing so until you focus solely on the sound of your breath. This meditation will help you calm down a bit and clear your mind because you can’t think clearly when you’re in a state of panic. In a situation where you can’t think clearly, it won’t be easy for you to do good and healthy things for yourself. Therefore, your first step is to “ease your own work by calming your mind to do business.”

Set a goal! Then break it down!

I don’t know if you have a goal, but if you don’t, set one right away. Your goal may be significant, but my humble advice here is to shrink your initial goal as much as possible for comfortable progress. Because a significant portion of people tends to accept failure from the beginning and give up both on the goal and the effort when they set a large goal, feeling overwhelmed and scared. However, we are generally more successful and progress faster when faced with what we perceive as easy goals.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: What is my top priority goal? How can I initially earn a certain amount of money and in what way?

Kaizen Technique

To ensure clarity, avoid confusion, and progress calmly on your path without fear, you can benefit from the Kaizen principle. The Kaizen method suggests minimizing your goal until it no longer intimidates you. This is because, initially, the crucial aspect is not achieving significant goals or major advancements but gaining habits that will gradually lead you to that goal and establishing discipline. In the process, tiny neural connections form in your brain to embed the structure of your goal and efforts in your mind. As consistency increases, there is an increase in the production of neurons related to that subject. Eventually, the work becomes a disciplined habit, making it feel more manageable and achievable than before.

Kaizen Technique - How can I make money
Kaizen Technique – How can I make money?

Kaizen Technique: Breaking Down Goals

To provide a very simple example, let’s say you have a book that you feel you should finish, but progress is slow. You can’t concentrate well, the number of pages is overwhelming, and it feels like a significant task. Typically, one might suggest, “Read 50 pages of the book every day! Or read 10-20-30 pages each day! If that doesn’t work, read 5 pages daily!”

Kaizen says: Make it even smaller…

–> Read 3 pages of the book each day!

Make it even smaller…

In the next phase, it’s about deciding how much you will read and how much you will shrink it. Because if you shrink the action to the point where you don’t care about it at all, it loses its value in your eyes, and you won’t feel motivated to do it. Here, you need to find your own starting point.

–> Read 1 page of the book each day!

–> Read 1 paragraph each day!

–> Read 1 line each day!

Shrink it even more…

–> In the first few days, just place the book in front of you… Then start with one line… You’ll probably end up reading more than one line, and you will have done more than you planned without feeling the psychological pressure of the task.

Because the most productive tasks are the ones you do with focus without feeling pressured. Therefore, to focus comfortably and make progress in your work, you need to lighten the pressure on yourself so that you can bring yourself to your most productive state. This way, while doing the necessary tasks to truly earn money, you can also establish a healthy internal work discipline.

I understand that there may be discussions about “financial possibilities and impossibilities” right now, we’ll get to that shortly. But before that, under the following heading, I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to write these questions on a piece of paper and then write your answers beneath them. I will guide you through a kind of self-coaching exercise.

How can I make money with what I already have, with what I currently possess?

You may want to earn money, even as soon as possible or right away.

If you’re thinking along these lines, the first thing I’ll say is:

“Ground yourself and confront your current reality in detail. Only then can you move forward.”

Now, let’s get to the questions:

Money Goals
Money Goals

1- What is your goal?

Determine your priority goal, short-term goal, medium-term goal and long-term goal. Then write down why you set this goal. What are the factors that make you want to achieve this goal? What will it give you, how will it change your life, how will it make you feel, how will you live when you achieve these goals, what kind of person will you be now?

2- What situation are you in?

Write your current reality as it is, without hiding. What situation are you in now, what are you experiencing, how do you feel, what kind of person are you in your current conditions, how do you behave, how do you talk, how do you sleep, how do you eat, how do you work or not work, etc.

3- What do you need?

This part is really important and it is also one of the parts where you need to keep your feet firmly on the ground. When determining your needs here, it would be more beneficial for you to start with the most prioritized ones. You must proceed step by step.

For example; The small goal I have set is this, I am here and I need this and that to achieve this goal, I must improve myself in these areas for personal development, I must have these qualifications, I must find this much capital, etc. List them as a single sentence or as bullet points.

4- What do you have?

What do you have? This could be your skills, the amount of time you will spare to work a day, how much capital you have, the work you know well and do well, your certificates, your outstanding features, your communication skills, your references, those around you, are there people who can help you and support you as you progress on your way? From whom you can get support, how far can you progress if there is no such support, what can you add to yourself further, where can you get help in this regard (Environment, free trainings, grants and loans, aid associations and foundations, competitions, part-time, full-time if you are not working). doing time or freelance work, etc.

All these questions and their answers reveal to you the real distance between your goal and your current situation. They show whether you can reach it in the desired time frame and if you need to be flexible with yourself and your plans, make revisions, and changes if you want to achieve it in the desired time.

Asking and answering these questions brings you closer to reality, grounds you, and helps you see things more clearly. You understand what you need to do, how you need to do it, in how much time, and what you should avoid or what needs to be changed.

So, you understand. Deep comprehension is crucial. We often know many things, but we struggle to take action with what we know. Deep comprehension is thoroughly grasping information with our entire being, and interestingly, it has a powerful impact on taking action.

Deep comprehension is like a slap of reality; it brings you to yourself, motivates you, leads you to make decisions, or compels you to do whatever is necessary. Throughout every stage of your action, there is a deep, unwavering understanding and decision regarding that matter. Steps you hesitate to take suddenly become easy to take consecutively.

What is the next step - How can i make more money
What is the next step? How can I make more money?

How Can I Make Money? I Want to Get Rich Now!

The goals of the rich and those striving towards wealth are clear. In the ‘business world,’ they make detailed plans on how to achieve it and constantly update these plans according to current changes. They show great dedication to becoming rich and reaching their goals. They don’t succumb to the daily lethargy that many people fall into. Psychologically, even if they momentarily let themselves go, they quickly recover. They stay on track, always seeking ways to move forward, unafraid, looking for solutions to problems. They don’t say, ‘This happened like this, I got bored, my morale dropped, so I gave up.’ Instead, they operate with the mindset of ‘How can I solve this? What do I need to change here to keep progressing?’ They are in a constant state of observation, research, scouting opportunities, and progress. They don’t complain about working, and even if they do, they never stop working.

Have you ever seen an athlete in the Olympics say, ‘I really want to win this race’ and then sit down at the starting line, continuously expressing how much they want to win while other competitors are running with all their might?

Everyone has different sectors in which they can be successful based on their talents, characteristics, resources, efforts, knowledge, and circumstances. Therefore, sentences like “start this business idea and make money immediately” are not very realistic. Only you can know these things because you know yourself best. You live your life, and you know it in detail. You are aware of what you are facing. Everything is about you, and that’s why you can make the most accurate decisions and choices.

Think about how much you’ve fallen behind in your life by giving up, constantly procrastinating, and falling into lethargy. Maybe think about what you could have gained but didn’t. Don’t just think about it; write it down on paper in detail, as much as needed.

Until you realize…

We all, in essence, know what is good for ourselves, what is right, and what is wrong. We all, in fact, know how we can become rich in our own ways. But to “realize” this, we need to establish clear communication with ourselves. These efforts are the beginning to establish this communication; it requires effort for continuity and knowledge for development.

Knowledge is power; our determination to progress and our efforts are our tools.

Do you truly want to be rich?

If your answer is “yes,” the first thing you need to address and improve is the “fears in your subconscious,” meaning “yourself.” If you think you can’t do this on your own, you can work with a professional coach or seek support from a therapist or psychologist. If you don’t have the financial means for that, you can benefit from books and various personal development videos available for free on the internet.

Wealthy individuals see themselves as deserving and worthy of becoming rich. How do you see yourself? Wanting something is one thing, believing and feeling deserving of it is another. If you don’t believe, wealth won’t come to you, and if it does, it won’t stay for long because nothing and no one wants to stay in a place where they don’t belong.

If the inside changes, the outside changes too.

If you change, everything starts to change along with you.

Indeed, your greatest asset is and will be: Yourself.

The more you transform yourself into your best version, the more you move toward the life you desire, utilizing your existing and potential abilities in the best possible way.

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