What is Vermicompost? How to Make Vermicompost Production and Sales?

What is vermicompost? Red California Worms
What is vermicompost? Red California Worms

Probably among many business ideas, the most popular business idea of ​​recent years: Vermicompost Production and Sales. What is vermicompost? How is vermicompost produced? What are the prices of vermicompost? How and how much money do those who implement this business idea make?

Here are the Details of Worm Fertilizer Business:

What is Vermicompost?

Some of the farmers in Europe and America have been farming using vermicompost for more than 50 years. These small worms, which are known in the literature as the Red California Worm, are bisexual and reproduce very quickly and produce fertilizers under very easy conditions, managed to attract the attention of entrepreneurs in other countries in a short time.

Vermicompost Production

To put it briefly; Red California Worms reproduce once every 2-3 months and at least double their numbers each time they reproduce. Considering this high reproduction rate and reproduction rate, it seems likely that your worm count will increase 8-10 times in 1 year.

Red California Worms also produce humus as they reproduce. On average, worms consume up to 60% of their weight in waste per day, and produce 30% of their weight in humus. When this wet humus dries, it turns into agricultural fertilizer and loses approximately half of its weight as it dries.

If you think that a worm weighs an average of 1 gram;
1000 worms will produce 300 grams of humus per day. When this humus dries, you will have 150 grams of manure.

At the end of three months of worm production, you will have a total of 13.5 kg of manure and your number of worms will have doubled, so you will get 27 kg of manure in the second trimester. In the third period, your worm count will double again and you will get 54 kg of fertilizer. In the fourth and final period, you will obtain 108 kg of fertilizer and at the end of the period, your worm count will be 8000.

Like this; At the end of this 1-year period, you will have a total of 8000 worms and 94.5 kg of manure.

If you want to start any business, it would be right to have all the technical details about that business first.

So where do these worms live, what do they consume, how are they cared for, how much time should be spared?
Healthiest for worms; There will be wooden boxes that have been made ventilated with the help of six wires, you can look at approximately 20,000 worms in a 1 cubic meter wooden box.

When your worm count is low, you can feed your worms with non-acidic household waste. During the period when your worm count starts to increase, the worm food you will prepare will contain 70% burnt animal manure.

Once you’ve created the worms’ habitat, you won’t spend much time preparing food and checking it daily. When their habitat is completely filled with humus, you will need to transplant it into a new container. If you prepare the food on a weekly basis, it will take 4-5 hours for about 10,000 worms.

In addition, you should check the feed, temperature and humidity of the nest daily, you need to spend 15-20 minutes in this process. When the entire wormhole is filled with humus, it takes 2-3 days for the worms to move to another container, so you only need to take care of it for 5-6 hours in total. Since it is a job that does not require a lot of time, entrepreneurs often prefer this job as an additional job.

How and How Much Money Can Be Made From Worm Production and Sales?

Entrepreneurs who want to make a profit in a short time earn income by selling the worms in their hands. However, this will harm you in the long run. Because it is an important income point rather than the sale of worms; fertilizer sales. In order to increase your fertilizer amount, you need to keep the number of worms as much as possible.

You can sell Red Worm manure by promoting it to farmers in your area. To be frank, we cannot give clear information about fertilizer sales since the prices vary from region to region, but it is useful to know that large companies are stockpiling fertilizers and gradually forming their own markets. Small enterprises, on the other hand, can market their fertilizers to greenhouses and organic farmers in their region with simple packaging methods.

By clicking here, you can see the current vermicompost prices and the prices of vermicompost production materials.

You can also package your products appropriately and sell them online on Amazon, Ebay and similar platforms.

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