What is a domain, what is it for, how to buy it?

What is a domain
Domain Extensions

What is a domain?

Domain, to put it simply, is the name of the websites that broadcast on the internet. For example, google.com or techcrunch.com are domains owned by those sites.

What does a domain do?

After typing “Domain” in the search bar of your internet browser, which you use on your computer, with names such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, we can go to the site that broadcasts in that domain by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. You can think of this as the addresses of the houses in the internet neighborhood. If we want to set up and publish a website, we also need to get a domain name first, so that the person who writes the address of our website can easily find and access our website. You can think of scanners as cars that take us to the addresses we want to go.

Domain extensions

Domains .com, .com.tr, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co etc. it has many more extensions but the most popular extensions are usually .com, .com.tr, .net, .org and .co respectively. But since valuable domains with .com extensions do not remain in the market, many people tend to buy other extensions.

Domain Types

Domains are broadly divided into generic domains, keyword domains, and project domains.

Generic domain: These are the domains that do not have any attachments, usually the words in the dictionary. Bilgi.com, Kitap.com, Telefon.net, Makeup.org, these are generic domains. In general, search volumes and commercial values ​​are quite high, so it is difficult to find and register idle in the market.

Keyword domain: Domains with search volume are called keyword domains. E.g; The word books has a monthly search volume of 135,000. Books.com is not generic but is the plural of the word book and is also a keyword domain due to its search volume. HaliYikama.net is also a popular keyword domain since it contains the phrase “carpet cleaning”, which is searched 75,000 times a month on the internet. Keyword domains can consist of one or more words.

Project Domain: Project domains can be either a keyword domain or a domain consisting of letters that have no meaning. For example, google.com is a project domain, not generic or keyword, or cocoboho.com, greenworld.com are project domains. They do not have a search volume, they are generally made up of words we like. It may or may not have brand value, it depends entirely on the content of the publication, the publication policy, the purpose of the site and what it offers, the recognition of the site.

How to buy a domain name?

Domains are purchased from domain sales companies. Just as there are companies that sell domains, you can also buy domains from most of the companies that sell hosting, because if you are going to set up a site, the domain alone is not enough, you need to buy a hosting that you need to build your site on, so hosting companies also sell domains. Think of the website as a house, the domain is its address, hosting is the land on which the house is built.

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