The Secret of Success in Business: Trade Secrets Are Not Shared

Secret of Success in Business
Secret of Success in Business

Success is what you know, failure is what you don’t know. The answer to the question of “how to be successful in trade” is a subject that many entrepreneurs are curious about. So what is the secret of success in business?

Why can’t we get some information? I’m not just talking about the internet, I’m talking about information, tricks and details that can change the direction of business, which we want to obtain in the business world but cannot reach.

The Secret of Success in Business

Knowledge means; means money and power in business. Knowledge can be obtained as a result of years of experience and cost, or through inherited advice from the family.

Information; it also means the protection and continuity of the existing money and power and the business, which is an advantage in competition.

Knowledge means superiority if you can carry it right. Your superiority of knowledge paves the way for success.

Then how do we get the information we don’t have but want to have?

* Business books and magazines, blogs on the internet, sites, business forumsDon’t stop reading. It may take time, but it is the cheapest and most time-free method of getting information for you.

* University departments, graduate branches, various trainings and courses related to Economics, Politics, Management and Relations: Learning and being a student are lifelong, in these environments you pay the price of knowledge and earn. When it comes to the information given in universities, choose schools that have a say in their fields or your time will be wasted. Consider that training and courses are certified and that the work history and references of the trainers are remarkable. Every person, institution and school you study with will also be added to your references and trainings will be added to your knowledge base.

* Coaches and CounselorsAlthough many people are still biased towards coaching and mentors, the rightly selected coaches and mentors actually bring us not only knowledge but also money, prestige and power in the medium and long term. Coaches and mentors share their knowledge, qualifications and experience with us for a fee. They provide us with access to information in a short time that we may not be able to learn by wasting our years in the business world. In a short time, imagine that you are 20-30 years ahead of the people you call your rivals. That’s your win, leading the game.

* Associations, Communities, Business Dinners: If you want to gain new customers or references, not just for information, these types of environments are perfect for expanding your circle, provided you take the right steps to the right people. For this type of business socialization, you may need some personal development training (oratory, diplomacy, etiquette, personal knowledge) and preliminary studies for communication, never start unprepared. And remember that sometimes you may need to provide information to get information.

* Periodic jobs and voluntary work: Even working in seasonal jobs at large companies and spending time there can guide you in the jobs you aim for in the future. Volunteer work is the same, you may get used to the business people of the future there. At the same time, you will improve your environment and leave good impressions in terms of public relations and social responsibility.

Make yourself a goal notebook. In the goal notebook, write down your plans for each of your goals and how you intend to achieve them, and start moving forward.

Finally: There are no secrets in trade. Most of those who have access to these secrets, as they do not want their earnings to be affected under normal circumstances, only pass them on within the family.

If you want to learn, you have to deserve it. To deserve; It will be a long and difficult struggle. The harder you try, the more secrets you’ll probably discover. Be grateful for and appreciate every information and secret that you have accessed without difficulty and that saves you time. During this struggle, you will encounter many people and situations that you will not like. How you meet them, solve them, win or be defeated, advance or regress, fall, get out, your thoughts, observations and results will bring you your own secrets.

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